About us…

We have been in the flagpole business since 1986 and have vast experience in all aspects of flagpole installation, inspection and service. We can offer advice and practical assistance based on our considerable experience.

Services we provide and what we can do…

  • Carry out maintenance on any type of flagpole.
  • Provide a flag changing and cleaning service.
  • Provide you with customised flags.
  • Health and safety inspections.

We are fully insured and will produce Risk and Method Statements as required on all installations or maintenance work.

All fibreglass flagpoles below, are completely maintenance free once they are installed. We can also fit vertical flagpoles, ranging from 4 metres up to 18 metres. Specialised flagpoles can also be made to order.

Please take the time to check the sample of our client portfolio. If you need to make contact with us or have any questions please go to the contacts page.

Here are some examples of installations by The Flagpole Specialists:


Fully rigged flagpole-  We can refurbish your fully rigged wooden flagpoles. as we use our own experienced riggers, who can carry out any maintenance using a cherrypicker.






Fibreglass flagpoles- These fibreglass flagpoles are great way to advertise your business, and make your company stand out in a competitive world. Once installed correctly by our engineers, these are vertually maintenance free.






45 degree angle flagpoles – This is our most popular flagpole of the fibreglass range, which can easily be installed by our engineers, using all galvanised fittings, which makes the flagpole virtually maintenance free.

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